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Things to Look for in a Good Online Cosmetic Stockist

Buying beauty products online has now overtaken in store purchases by several times, with roughly $2.4 billion AUD spent on cosmetic goods on the internet every year in Australia alone. As popular as the act might have become, there are plenty of people that are brand new to the concept – and that’s why it’s so important to provide as much information as possible to help with the purchasing process.

What Makes a Good Cosmetic Supplier?

The products! A fantastic variety of useful beauty products can go a long way and the more affordable, the better. Within Australia it is required that companies selling cosmetics must be verified with NICNAS – the National industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme. Any brand that isn’t registered with this authority may be worth avoiding, as there’s no guarantee that the products that they sell have been subjected to proper checks.

Where Do the Prices Come into Things?

Cosmetic products such as acrylic nails come in all shapes and sizes, with some being more affordable than others – but that’s not to say that even the most expensive brands won’t offer their own bargains. Buying online can be great when looking for a cheaper deal, as different websites will usually compete with one another. This can help to keep costs as low as possible, so the more places that you decide to search for the cosmetics that you are after, the more likely you will be to find a good deal.

Reliability is Also Important

If you find what appears to be a great looking supplier of beauty products, then be sure to check beneath the surface. Plenty of companies have a great looking website, but only a selection of them will prioritise the quality of their services as highly as you might like. The best way to get to know more about a brand and how they treat their customers is by looking for reviews. Although those featured on their website can be helpful, it’s third party review websites that you’ll really want to look out for in particular.

And that pretty much covers what you’ll need to know when choosing a good online cosmetic stockist. As long as they are nationally registered to trade beauty products such as perfumes, hair dyes, shampoos, nail polishes, varnishes and skin treatments – that’s half of the battle taken care of. Then you’ll need to make sure that you’re getting a good deal and that you’re buying from a brand that is as reliable as it is reputable where its customers are concerned. See our review of the best nail salons.

Wholesale stun guns

stun guns for wholesale

Buying Wholesale Stun Guns

Many law enforcement agencies rely on buying wholesale stun guns to ensure that all officers are sufficiently equipped, without needing to expend vast sums of cash for a defensive weapon. For 30 years we have been offering these effective self-defense weapons to officials and members of the public, with the vast majority of our products being available to order in bulk.

With more than 50 unique models to choose from, our reliable yet inexpensive tazers have offered peace of mind to those needing defense for both personal and professional purposes. We offer drop shipping solutions for suppliers to take advantage of, as well as zero fees to those that are authorized to deal in arms and self-protective gear.

Some of our popular stun guns include:

Our 20 million volt runt stun gun

These defensive weapons pack a huge punch, being able to sustain 20 million volts of electricity for as long as needed. They are strong enough to incapacitate a horse, so a burglar or rapist would stand little to zero chance of walking away from the encounter unscathed. These models come complete in a range of colours and they are more than powerful enough to be used for both personal and professional security requirements.

Multi-Function stunners

For those that require a professional look and feel to their tazer, our multi-function stunners may well be the model that you are looking for. They are very versatile, being usable in a confrontation situation, or being ideal to put an end to an aggressor’s attacks. They carry just under 10 million volts and come complete with a carry case, which can both conceal the defensive weapon and provide easy access should it be needed.

Lipstick tazers

Offering some of the most effective concealing technologies, our lipstick tazers might look attractive, but they are nothing short of devastating. They include a built-in flashlight for additional functionality, they can be fully charged in the space of a few hours and once ready for action – they can provide over 3 million volts whenever needed (more than enough to put a potential attacker out for the evening).

Baton stunners

Often being considered the ultimate defensive weapon, baton stun guns feature a heavy construction to make them ideal for use as a club if needed. They also feature crenelated edges that can provide a cutting and stabbing function, as well as possessing a high powered core capable of transmitting 9 million volts from the device, into an attacker’s body. Many also feature flashlights that can be used in the exact same way as a regular torch; making them as versatile when out in the field as they are when dealing with a personal attack.

When Might You Need a Transcription Service For Your Business?

the translation studio

When Might You Need a Transcription Service?

Transcription services have been put to good use for decades, if not centuries. Originally being used to record the communication that took place in courts, this type of service has since spread into a variety of different sectors including the medical, financial and especially the film industries. The quality of the service will rely on the capabilities of the transcriber, but when might you find yourself in need of one of these services in the first place?

Documenting verbal communication during meetings

Many meetings are recorded for the purpose of transcription and it’s these recordings that can be so useful to a specialist. By reviewing all communication that has been recorded, a transcription expert will be able to neatly define what was said, who said it and when. This can make things especially useful when notes pertaining to the meeting are needed – or when written documentation is required for legal, or other purposes.

Recording the procedures that take place within court hearings

Although many court hearings are recorded – it’s not uncommon for a transcriber to be present to ensure that all forms of communication are sufficiently documented on paper. These specialists will usually be able to record conversations in short hand as and when they happen. When paired with a recording device, a full transcript can be developed. This can be used as a form of evidence, or it can simply be utilised to create a report of all formal proceedings that took place.

Preparing a video with the aid of a script

Many presenters rely on autocues to help them to stay on topic when presenting shows and the same can be applied to any type of visual advertisement or promotion. In the majority of instances, a script will need to be prepared ahead of time and then used to provide a verbal foundation that can be turned to when it comes time to recording the audio segment of the advert. Transcribers can help, as not only are they able to dictate verbal correspondence; they are often able to put scripts together from notes accumulated from a variety of sources.

General documenting processes

The main service offered by a transcription agency is the documentation and reporting of verbal correspondence. This makes these experts ideal for ensuring that processes are well documented and they are also more than capable of creating a transcript of personal events as well. In the majority of instances however, they will find themselves needing to document data from digital recordings that may run anywhere from a few moments, to several hours. By neatly arranging this verbal data in the form of a transcript, it will be possible for people to refer to the content whenever they need to in the future.

How to Find a Great Jeweller

Cerrone diamond engagement rings

How to Find a Great Jeweller

Choosing the right jewellery store might not be a priority for many people; but considering the benefit associated with enjoying a cheaper price and a higher quality service – it’s definitely worth considering. In the past most jewellers operated via a physical location, so visiting a store was usually one of the only ways to find what you were looking for.

These days the internet brings two of the best options for customers together; the potential to enjoy a variety of jewellery products and accessories, and the ability to enjoy a discounted price

This in itself can present quite a challenge; should you go for the first online jeweller that offers free delivery in and around Australia, or should you do a little more research to find a cheaper price? Searching online doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you know how results pages work and you’re keen to find the best deal for your money. Here’s a quick guide on how to do exactly this.

Keep your search as relevant as you can

If you’re looking for engagement rings in Sydney, then be sure to enter exactly that into a search engine’s input field. If you would like to find affordable gold rings, then enter that term instead. If you’d prefer to avoid international sellers be sure to mention your location, so that the results are as specific and relevant to your needs as possible.

Compare prices

Jewellery that uses expensive materials like diamonds, gold and platinum will carry a much higher price tag than those that make use of man-made alternatives. When buying stylish jewellery, it can be worth investing a little more into a higher quality item, as they will often increase in value as the years go by. As different jewellers will propose varying costs, you might find that you could buy a similar looking piece of the same quality from another supplier – and this is why it’s a good idea to compare prices.

Count your carats

If you haven’t heard about the carat system before, then you might want to look into it sometime in the near future. 1 carat is the same as 0.2 grams of a particular material. For example, a 10 carat diamond will weigh 2 grams, whereas a 100 carat diamond (whilst being very expensive), will weigh 20 grams. Prices are usually based on the weight of an item of jewelleries constituent parts. When you’ve found a jeweller that is selling a particular item of interest, be sure to calculate the carats and then compare them to the current market value to see if you’ll be getting a good deal, or if you’d be better off spending your cash elsewhere.

Warnings about laptop & cellphone emf radiation suggest a need for protection

Electronic devices are now in every home around the world and with the average person believed to own at least two of these utilities each such as a cell phone or personal computer, so it’s no wonder why the risk of energy exposure is now at an all-time high. An electro-magnetic field (typically referred to as EMF and known as electromotive force within certain industries), is an ever present energy that will be generated wherever an electronic device is active.

The risks associated with laptop and cellphone EMF exposure are not unlike those aligned with radiation; with illness, fatigue, loss of vision and even terminal conditions being linked to frequent personal electronic use. The human body is a marvellous thing and we are able to moderate and expel smaller amount of electromotive force, but when consistent amounts are emitted, or when the volume reaches higher than average levels; people of all ages can be at risk.

The main culprit for emitting radiation is actually the screen of a laptop. The same can be said of a computer’s monitor, or even a television screen. No matter whether the backlighting is created by LCDs, if the source is via plasma, or if another technology is used; just waving your hand in front of a warm screen will be more than enough to demonstrate the energy making its way from the surface outwards, into a living/ functional area. So, how can this emission be contained for protection and why do so many people overlook the need to secure their devices?

Well, it all stems back to the wide availability of laptops and handheld devices; although manufactures are legally obliged to take every precaution to protect their consumers, this requirement does have a time limit. As a result, a provider isn’t required to ensure protection after the warranty expires. What this means is that many devices are fitted with components that will protect for as long as they are able – and once they expire, they may not perform quite as well as originally intended.

This is where taking matters into your own hands can be of benefit. There are a multitude of ways to protect a user, or yourself, from the radiation emitted by screens and electrical devices. One of the most common relates to screen covers – and these useful little tools can be fitted over the surface of a monitor (without risking damage). Once fitted, the unique composition of the cover will act to prevent radiation leakage from the screen itself, without reducing visibility to the display. Just this simple addition can reduce radiation emission by up to 95%, with the remaining 5% being so minimal that research has shown it to be almost harmless to organic materials (including human genetics).

When it comes to mobiles and smartphones, the best way to ensure protection is performing the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the phone is properly maintained and in a functional condition 2. Purchase protective casing to reduce the amount of energy that can be emitted 3. Install a relevant screen cover to help to minimise the screen’s radiation

Koh Phangan Bungalows on Yai Beach Thong Nai Pan

Where to Visit: Koh Phangan’s Top Attractions


Nestled in the east of southern Thailand, it’s no wonder that Koh Phangan is fast becoming one of the premier tourist destinations to visit in all of Thailand. But where do you go to get the best out of your holiday? Well, the province isn’t short of amazing things to do (or places to see!) that will suit every holiday style and individual taste, so let’s take a look at Koh Phangan’s top attractions.


Koh Phangan’s Top Attractions


To kick off your holiday, Koh Phangan town will become the springboard for all of your excursions as it is the main port. You may find it both quaint and provincial, but you’ll soon branch out and explore the wider province to fulfill your adventurous needs. It’s no secret that the various islands of the province simply seem to burst forth from the clear blue sea, so the many secluded beaches will certainly be on your timetable- but what else can you see and do while you’re away?


Khao Khanap Nam Mountains


The two mountains of Khao Khanap Nam are considered to be the symbol of Koh Phangan and sit on both banks of Maenam Koh Phangan River. Each range is roughly 100 meters tall and feature many natural attractions for you to explore. You can simply tour the mountains as they are, or extend your trip by trekking into Khao Khanap Nam and the nearby mangrove forests, or by boating over to Klang island.


Than Bok Khorani National Park


Much of the Koh Phangan province has been classified as a national park to preserve the natural aesthetic and wildlife of the area, and Than Bok Khorani National Park is one of the largest in size throughout the sub districts. This means that it is filled with natural trekking routes, secluded waterfalls, famous caves and more. Playing host to a pristine mangrove forest and the stunning Hong archipelago, this is the ideal attraction for those who want to participate in some much needed eco-tourism.


Emerald Pool 


The Emerald Pool originated from the lowland forest of Khao Nor Juji- which is thought of as Thailand’s last piece of untouched, dense forest. It is a unique natural preserve; a hot spring that features spectrums of turquoise and emerald that wow onlookers from all walks of life. The water itself comes from thermal springs and an amount has been diverted from the source to man-made bathing pools so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful experience of relaxing in the natural atmosphere.


Tham Seau Temple


Visiting Koh Phangan isn’t all about the stunning views, amazing nature reserves and idyllic lifestyles, it’s also about the history and culture of the province. Located 10 km outside of Koh Phangan town, the Tham Seau Temple- also known as the Tiger Cave Temple- is tucked away in a tropical forest.  It’s one of the quieter temples, as you are required to traverse 1300 steep steps, but it’s all part of the spiritual journey! There is a cable car option for the faint hearted, too.


As you can see there is so much to do in and around Koh Phangan that you’ll be spoilt for choice, so don’t hesitate to book your holiday!



Choosing the right CCTV systems installation can be complex, get the picture?

Choosing the Right Type of Surveillance System

Being able to monitor and record an environment is something that most businesses will need to consider, as well as home owners hoping to add a little extra security to their properties. With thefts and burglaries on the increase, statistics suggest that criminals are simply becoming wiser to the angles and capabilities of cameras and surveillance systems.

CCTV installation can be a fairly straight forward task, with experts and security teams always on hand to take care of the hard work on behalf of their clients; but how possible is it to ensure that the right system has been put into place, as opposed to one that might not be as beneficial? Choosing to have a CCTV camera system installed can certainly add an extra layer of security – and here’s a look at the different types available to property owners.

Internal systems

These types of features are most common within offices, bars and any areas where more than one member of staff will be present. With that said, some people do opt to have cameras placed within singular office spaces, but this can often be a waste of resources. Internal CCTV cameras are often connected to consistent servers and it’s these servers that are responsible for ensuring that all activities are recorded, should they need to be reviewed at a later date.

External systems

The polar opposite of internal camera set-ups external systems are built to last for years, regardless of the weather and no matter the visibility. These cameras often rely on advanced optical hardware that can focus, zoom and swivel as needed, so it’s not uncommon to find them fitted to buildings, lampposts and other structures with good vantage points. They can be used internally due to their robust construction, whereas the same can’t be said for internal cameras hoping to be used outdoors.

CCTV alarm systems

Many businesses prefer to have their cameras monitored by a third party security team – or even the police when possible. Alarm systems work in collaboration with regular CCTV installations, and they function together by first monitoring a given location and then if any criminal activity is detected, an alarm will sound. This in itself can act as a substantial deterrent for potential criminals, but it can also help to alert the authorities as quickly as possible, who should then attend the premises and secure the location.

These are just a few of the most common surveillance solutions and there are almost a dozen other types that can be chosen from. The best bet is to peruse options online in order to obtain a better understanding of the most suitable set up – after all when it comes to safety, it doesn’t make much sense to cut corners in favour of saving a few dollars.

Making life easy with solar power for the home

solar power and hot water

Solar Power for the Home

It’s a safe assumption that most modern homes will feature electricity in one form or another. Even the most minimalistic homes will typically be connected to a power grid, even if they don’t use their supply. Although a common commodity for home owners and tenants, electrical power presents a variety of negative factors.

Although the main relates to the cost of running appliances and devices on a daily basis, one of the most overlooked is the impact that electric energy can have on the environment. It plays a major role in global warming and contributes greatly to the potential event. Fortunately, there are other sources of power that offer the same benefits, with very few disadvantages. Of these, the most effective is solar power.

Solar power for the home

Many home owners are turning to GEWA green energy for the power of the sun to assist as far as their heating goes. Where wind energy can offer a sustainable flow of current for electrical appliances, the rays of the sun are ideal for warming water. By installing a panel or two on top of a home and facing the direction of sunlight, a house could take advantage of hot water all day long – all without having to invest in electricity.

By using less electrical power, a home owner won’t just be minimising their eco footprint; they will be reducing the cost of their bill, too. Considering the low cost of insulation, the expansive benefits and the ease of use, it’s a wonder why more properties haven’t been upgraded to feature this unique asset.

Are there any negatives relating to solar panels?

Although they do boast an extensive range of benefits, there are a couple of negative factors worth considering. The first relates to the duration of heating potential – especially during those colder months. All solar panels will require direct sunlight to maximise their output. As the sun’s rays are absorbed, the molecules are converted into energy and then used to heat water in much the same way as an electrical current.

If the sun is unable to break through clouds, it won’t always be possible for the panels to function as intended. Although the rays will still be enough to offer energy conversion, this can be fairly limiting with a system only being able to produce a couple of hours’ worth of hot water. The panels work best during warmer months, or those that feature minimal cloud coverage.

During times where the sun’s rays may not be easy to absorb, most solar panel installation companies will also implement an emersion heater as standard. This useful little system allows a home owner to send a little more electricity into their boiler system – making it easy to warm water through, no matter how cold it may be outside. This means that solar power can be utilised for the majority of the year, with an optional back-up solution for particularly cloudy or rainy days. Find out more about Green Energy at GEWA

Herbalife bribie Island

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Herbalife Product Ranges
Boasting a customer base of multiple millions around the world, as well as dozens of products to choose from; Herbalife have redefined the nutrition industry over the past few years. With a huge customer satisfaction rate, the brand have gone from strength to strength and look set to do so well in to the future. But who are Herbalife, what do they do, and what do their products offer?
Getting to Know Herbalife
As their name would suggest, Herbalife provide herbal products. These products are available in a range of flavours and consumption options; and they have been specially formulated to tackle particular requirements, such as weight loss, sports nutrition and health supplements.
Core Products
One of Herbalife’s most popular ranges are their Core products. These products have been scientifically developed to provide particular vitamins and minerals to a person’s daily eating regime. The first is their Healthy Nutritional Shake Mix. These shakes are in powder form, and they can be added to water, milk or other consumable liquid. The formula provides a range of vitamins and minerals. Their Multivitamin Complex is in tablet form, and provides the full recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.
Weight Management
The range of weight control products from Herbalife boast one of their highest success rates, and more and more customers are turning to them on a yearly basis. Customers can choose between low calorie snacks, protein shakes, hunger-decreasing formulas and even specific eating programs. These programs can help to reduce weight by eliminating the consumption of fatty foods within diets, as well as providing a healthy alternative to many modern foods.
Targeted Nutrition
In this day and age, nutrition is a priority – and not just for fitness enthusiasts either. Herbalife’s Targeted Nutrition can make the ideal accompaniment to a nutritional lifestyle, and customers will get to choose from a range of products to target their particular requirements. From heart health and women’s health, all the way to immune health and stress management – the brand have pulled out all of the stops to provide no fewer than 8 nutritional categories, each of which include their own products to suit specific requirements.
Energy and Fitness
Whether you are planning on hitting the gym and maximising your muscle growth, or if you’d prefer to increase your energy levels so that you can stay energised throughout the day; the Energy and Fitness products from Herbalife are second to none. Customers get to choose from exclusively developed Herbalife24 products, or choose from the broader range of Energy and Fitness consumables that can assist with general energy.
These are just a few of the product ranges that Herbalife provide, and you’ll find the full range by visiting their website. The brand have been responsible for changing millions of lives around the world, and you could be a part of it today too, so don’t hesitate.

Herbalife bribie Island

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CohenHandler : your buyers agent to help you with your property purchase

buyers agent

Why You Need A Property Buyers Agent?


Purchasing your initial house might sound like a rather exciting activity, but in truth there are an entire host of factors to consider that should be taken into account that could lead you to wishing that you hadn’t jumped straight in. These can include:

  • putting in an initial offer at the right price
  • signing documents and guaranteeing that safety and security checks are done
  • ensuring all dates are met
  • sticking to sale and purchasregulations that can be particular to your State
  • and defining land possession

So we can see that purchasing a home isn’t in fact as basic as it originally seems.

Countless people throughout Australia are resorting to the solutions of using bidding agents, also known as buyers representatives.

Whether you’re acquiring your very first house, or if you’re simply including another residential property to your growing investment portfolio– it’s obvious that minimising your tension, work load and also participation in the purchase process could conserve you time and energy that would be better invested elsewhere.

Which is where investment advisors  come into the field. It’s their task to deal with plans, documents, file filings and legal applications. They’ll currently have a solid understanding of the tasks required when a building is trading hands– therefore they will certainly understand ways to fast lane applications, just about guarantee success and also enhance the entire procedure as a whole.

Find out more at CohenHandler, the #1 property buyers agent for Melbourne.