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Introducing a Japanese Style to your Living Room | Made In Japan
When it comes to changing the overall look and feel of a room, choosing a particular theme and working into every element is the only way to get a cohesive point across. So, what if you have a Japanese theme in mind, but are unsure how to bring it to fruition? Well, introducing a Japanese style to your living room can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 – all you need is a little time and the right direction!

Creating the Japanese Feel
The very first thing to do when introducing Japanese style is: simplify. Begin by stripping your living room completely bare, including current lighting solutions and curtains. Now you will have a base to build upon, and the Japanese base begins with open windows and simple furniture.
As far as open space within your living room goes, natural light is key to creating a Japanese feel. This means that you should forget thick drapes and lacy curtains, and instead consider simple bamboo roller blinds and sheer curtain panels. Minimize obstruction and keep those windows as close to nature as possible!
Japanese furniture is characteristically low to the ground and floor cushions feature heavily in Japanese homes, so choosing to incorporate these will really set the right tone. Bear in mind to buy natural wooden furniture where possible, such as hemlock, maple, cypress, bamboo and red pine (western versions are suitable), and keep colour schemes as natural and neutral as a traditional Japanese environment.

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