How to Find a Great Jeweller

Cerrone diamond engagement rings

How to Find a Great Jeweller

Choosing the right jewellery store might not be a priority for many people; but considering the benefit associated with enjoying a cheaper price and a higher quality service – it’s definitely worth considering. In the past most jewellers operated via a physical location, so visiting a store was usually one of the only ways to find what you were looking for.

These days the internet brings two of the best options for customers together; the potential to enjoy a variety of jewellery products and accessories, and the ability to enjoy a discounted price

This in itself can present quite a challenge; should you go for the first online jeweller that offers free delivery in and around Australia, or should you do a little more research to find a cheaper price? Searching online doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you know how results pages work and you’re keen to find the best deal for your money. Here’s a quick guide on how to do exactly this.

Keep your search as relevant as you can

If you’re looking for engagement rings in Sydney, then be sure to enter exactly that into a search engine’s input field. If you would like to find affordable gold rings, then enter that term instead. If you’d prefer to avoid international sellers be sure to mention your location, so that the results are as specific and relevant to your needs as possible.

Compare prices

Jewellery that uses expensive materials like diamonds, gold and platinum will carry a much higher price tag than those that make use of man-made alternatives. When buying stylish jewellery, it can be worth investing a little more into a higher quality item, as they will often increase in value as the years go by. As different jewellers will propose varying costs, you might find that you could buy a similar looking piece of the same quality from another supplier – and this is why it’s a good idea to compare prices.

Count your carats

If you haven’t heard about the carat system before, then you might want to look into it sometime in the near future. 1 carat is the same as 0.2 grams of a particular material. For example, a 10 carat diamond will weigh 2 grams, whereas a 100 carat diamond (whilst being very expensive), will weigh 20 grams. Prices are usually based on the weight of an item of jewelleries constituent parts. When you’ve found a jeweller that is selling a particular item of interest, be sure to calculate the carats and then compare them to the current market value to see if you’ll be getting a good deal, or if you’d be better off spending your cash elsewhere.

Warnings about laptop & cellphone emf radiation suggest a need for protection

Electronic devices are now in every home around the world and with the average person believed to own at least two of these utilities each such as a cell phone or personal computer, so it’s no wonder why the risk of energy exposure is now at an all-time high. An electro-magnetic field (typically referred to as EMF and known as electromotive force within certain industries), is an ever present energy that will be generated wherever an electronic device is active.

The risks associated with laptop and cellphone EMF exposure are not unlike those aligned with radiation; with illness, fatigue, loss of vision and even terminal conditions being linked to frequent personal electronic use. The human body is a marvellous thing and we are able to moderate and expel smaller amount of electromotive force, but when consistent amounts are emitted, or when the volume reaches higher than average levels; people of all ages can be at risk.

The main culprit for emitting radiation is actually the screen of a laptop. The same can be said of a computer’s monitor, or even a television screen. No matter whether the backlighting is created by LCDs, if the source is via plasma, or if another technology is used; just waving your hand in front of a warm screen will be more than enough to demonstrate the energy making its way from the surface outwards, into a living/ functional area. So, how can this emission be contained for protection and why do so many people overlook the need to secure their devices?

Well, it all stems back to the wide availability of laptops and handheld devices; although manufactures are legally obliged to take every precaution to protect their consumers, this requirement does have a time limit. As a result, a provider isn’t required to ensure protection after the warranty expires. What this means is that many devices are fitted with components that will protect for as long as they are able – and once they expire, they may not perform quite as well as originally intended.

This is where taking matters into your own hands can be of benefit. There are a multitude of ways to protect a user, or yourself, from the radiation emitted by screens and electrical devices. One of the most common relates to screen covers – and these useful little tools can be fitted over the surface of a monitor (without risking damage). Once fitted, the unique composition of the cover will act to prevent radiation leakage from the screen itself, without reducing visibility to the display. Just this simple addition can reduce radiation emission by up to 95%, with the remaining 5% being so minimal that research has shown it to be almost harmless to organic materials (including human genetics).

When it comes to mobiles and smartphones, the best way to ensure protection is performing the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the phone is properly maintained and in a functional condition 2. Purchase protective casing to reduce the amount of energy that can be emitted 3. Install a relevant screen cover to help to minimise the screen’s radiation

Making life easy with solar power for the home

solar power and hot water

Solar Power for the Home

It’s a safe assumption that most modern homes will feature electricity in one form or another. Even the most minimalistic homes will typically be connected to a power grid, even if they don’t use their supply. Although a common commodity for home owners and tenants, electrical power presents a variety of negative factors.

Although the main relates to the cost of running appliances and devices on a daily basis, one of the most overlooked is the impact that electric energy can have on the environment. It plays a major role in global warming and contributes greatly to the potential event. Fortunately, there are other sources of power that offer the same benefits, with very few disadvantages. Of these, the most effective is solar power.

Solar power for the home

Many home owners are turning to GEWA green energy for the power of the sun to assist as far as their heating goes. Where wind energy can offer a sustainable flow of current for electrical appliances, the rays of the sun are ideal for warming water. By installing a panel or two on top of a home and facing the direction of sunlight, a house could take advantage of hot water all day long – all without having to invest in electricity.

By using less electrical power, a home owner won’t just be minimising their eco footprint; they will be reducing the cost of their bill, too. Considering the low cost of insulation, the expansive benefits and the ease of use, it’s a wonder why more properties haven’t been upgraded to feature this unique asset.

Are there any negatives relating to solar panels?

Although they do boast an extensive range of benefits, there are a couple of negative factors worth considering. The first relates to the duration of heating potential – especially during those colder months. All solar panels will require direct sunlight to maximise their output. As the sun’s rays are absorbed, the molecules are converted into energy and then used to heat water in much the same way as an electrical current.

If the sun is unable to break through clouds, it won’t always be possible for the panels to function as intended. Although the rays will still be enough to offer energy conversion, this can be fairly limiting with a system only being able to produce a couple of hours’ worth of hot water. The panels work best during warmer months, or those that feature minimal cloud coverage.

During times where the sun’s rays may not be easy to absorb, most solar panel installation companies will also implement an emersion heater as standard. This useful little system allows a home owner to send a little more electricity into their boiler system – making it easy to warm water through, no matter how cold it may be outside. This means that solar power can be utilised for the majority of the year, with an optional back-up solution for particularly cloudy or rainy days. Find out more about Green Energy at GEWA

Private Caravan Hire


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Join the caravan revolution with MyCaravan, the first true peer-to-peer caravan rental service that makes motorhome, camper trailer and caravan sharing simple, safe and cost effective. We allow people to access some of the thousands of caravans that are sitting idle around Australia. We don’t own caravans; we pass the savings on to you.
MyCaravan lets you rent caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes from other people so you can enjoy the benefits of private caravan hire. It’s easy to find and book the perfect caravan for your holiday in ideal locations around Australia.

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If you already own a caravan, we make it simple and safe to earn money by renting it to our community of trusted renters when you are not using it. Private caravan rental means more money in your pocket.

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MyCaravan gives you the convenience of having your caravan delivered to your site and set up for you, leaving you with more time to enjoy your holiday. Search for caravans with NO TOW option
Owners list caravans for rent and specify price and availability
Renters choose a caravan and make a booking request
MyCaravan performs ID checks, confirms availability with the owner and collects payment from the renter
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Trust & safety
We conduct ID checks on all our renters. We collect a security deposit and provide a comprehensive rental agreement

We help you with your insurance to give you peace of mind Save Money
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Private caravan and private motorhome hire through MyCaravan is on average over 20% cheaper compared to commercial rental operators Unique
MyCaravan offers a unique holiday experience by connecting holidaymakers with caravan owners in locations all around Australia
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Long Term Car Rental – don’t buy your wheels when you can rent

long term car rental

Drive My Car is a European run automobile rental company. The main goal of the business is to offer a good quality vehicle rental service to Sydney. Its hotels and also rental villas. A large range of cars are available. Watering hole cars 4 x Fours and SUV’s to suit your rental demands whether you are solitary, a couple or a little family on holiday in Sydney. We supply each client with a totally free shipment service to their resort or rental property within a 15 kilometres radius of our main office.

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Specialists in discount long term car rental. Best prices, widest range – Hyundai, Audi, Jeep, BMW & more. Over 300 pick-up locations. Book online and save.

Our fleet of automobiles is restored every 3 years. This gives you as well as your passenger the best comfortably safety and security and reliability. All our cars are fully guaranteed by Viriyah insurance coverage. Australia’s largest insurance policy business.

Sydney is currently Australia’s a lot of family orientated hotel location. Lots to do for all the family whatever the ages are. With family members in mind, Drive My Automobile also offers European Requirement Child seats upon request.

Autos are picked by us for the capability so going to the main attractions in Sydney can be done by all the family while sitting in a secure air-conditioned automobile.

Detailed maps of Sydney are provided cost free to consumers at the time of car distribution. Whether you are trying to find restaurants elephant travelling or a secluded beach, our personnel will certainly enjoy to describe the best paths to use. Sydney has a few of the clean roads in Thailand so discovering your method round is a safe as well as straightforward task.

Automobile Distribution Drive My Car will happily supply your chosen rental car to your resort or rental property within Sydney District for free. (Terms might use).