Warnings about laptop & cellphone emf radiation suggest a need for protection

Electronic devices are now in every home around the world and with the average person believed to own at least two of these utilities each such as a cell phone or personal computer, so it’s no wonder why the risk of energy exposure is now at an all-time high. An electro-magnetic field (typically referred to as EMF and known as electromotive force within certain industries), is an ever present energy that will be generated wherever an electronic device is active.

The risks associated with laptop and cellphone EMF exposure are not unlike those aligned with radiation; with illness, fatigue, loss of vision and even terminal conditions being linked to frequent personal electronic use. The human body is a marvellous thing and we are able to moderate and expel smaller amount of electromotive force, but when consistent amounts are emitted, or when the volume reaches higher than average levels; people of all ages can be at risk.

The main culprit for emitting radiation is actually the screen of a laptop. The same can be said of a computer’s monitor, or even a television screen. No matter whether the backlighting is created by LCDs, if the source is via plasma, or if another technology is used; just waving your hand in front of a warm screen will be more than enough to demonstrate the energy making its way from the surface outwards, into a living/ functional area. So, how can this emission be contained for protection and why do so many people overlook the need to secure their devices?

Well, it all stems back to the wide availability of laptops and handheld devices; although manufactures are legally obliged to take every precaution to protect their consumers, this requirement does have a time limit. As a result, a provider isn’t required to ensure protection after the warranty expires. What this means is that many devices are fitted with components that will protect for as long as they are able – and once they expire, they may not perform quite as well as originally intended.

This is where taking matters into your own hands can be of benefit. There are a multitude of ways to protect a user, or yourself, from the radiation emitted by screens and electrical devices. One of the most common relates to screen covers – and these useful little tools can be fitted over the surface of a monitor (without risking damage). Once fitted, the unique composition of the cover will act to prevent radiation leakage from the screen itself, without reducing visibility to the display. Just this simple addition can reduce radiation emission by up to 95%, with the remaining 5% being so minimal that research has shown it to be almost harmless to organic materials (including human genetics).

When it comes to mobiles and smartphones, the best way to ensure protection is performing the following steps:

  1. Ensure that the phone is properly maintained and in a functional condition 2. Purchase protective casing to reduce the amount of energy that can be emitted 3. Install a relevant screen cover to help to minimise the screen’s radiation