Understanding Commercial Law in Australian Business

Understanding How Property Law Works

As far as property ownership is concerned, all home and premise owners are expected to adhere to legislations and policies as defined by property law. This unique type of legal system is responsible for the governing of properties deemed to be publically accessible including offices, rental accommodations, family homes and movable/ immovable property alike.

It addresses issues relating to ownership of land and homes, as well as rental agreements, safety regulations and particular residential activities. Landlords are considered owners, with renters being deemed temporary residents. Both parties are subjected to their own responsibilities as defined within contractual agreements and it’s when these agreements are called into question that property legalities are undertaken.

How does this type of law work?

Whenever someone purchases a property, they will have to undergo a variety of formal procedures in order to re-assign the ownership of the premises. This procedure can be very technical and is best left to a property lawyer, as they will understand what needs doing and how best to do so. Other instances relate to once the property has been purchased, as the owner will have a set of obligations that they must cater to regardless of what they use the building for.

Landlords must adhere to guidelines that dictate the way in which they are able to advertise, how long they are able to rent and any costs of maintenance. Owners are responsible for all activities relating to the foundation and structural integrity of a property, so if anything goes wrong they will be required to ensure that the home is fit for purpose (for tenants).

Tenants and renters on the other hand are only governed by policies that relate directly to their stay. Unique terms and conditions can be implemented under the agreement of tenant and landlord, but any that fall outside of regular terms (such as the admittance of pets) will be decided by a judge/ team of peers in court.

In all of the above instances, the law caters to landlords, tenants and anyone present within the property. The most common cause of disagreement relates to rental contracts where a landlord might not be receiving rent, or if a landlord isn’t looking after the property to ensure safe accommodation for their tenants. Be aware that this type of legal work does not fall under the remit of a criminal lawyer as it is civil law.

There are other cases where this law is applicable – usually when public property is used for work, or when immovable property is called in to question. If a premises is static (as with houses and offices), or portable (as with caravans and motorhomes), then the law will apply and the best way to get to resolve an issue is to seek the advice of a legal professional. For more on legal advise visit Hale Legal

Are Phone Sex Chat Lines A Safe Way To Meet Other Singles?

phone sex adult chat lines

The Difference between Sex Chat Phone Lines and Regular Chat Services

In this day and age, it’s never been easier to stay in touch with friends, correspond with family and interact with people from all across Australia. For those that prefer their conversations to be a little more verbal than keyboard-related, there’s always the option of signing up to a chat service. Of these, there are two main types.

There are the ones relating to general conversations where people are able to meet and greet one another (ideal for those wanting to pursue friendships from home). The second one is a little more adult-orientated and takes place in the form of sex chat phone lines. When deciding on which service to use, there are understandably a few key differences. Here’s a look at those main variations.

What do sex line services offer?

As their name might describe, these types of services are for adults hoping to engage in a little sexual stimulation, erotic discussions, or those hoping to listen in on other arousing chats. Unlike regular chat options they are fully anonymous and require little to no information about those that are using the number.

For those wanting to chat, it’s as easy as creating an account (which is optional), leaving a voicemail profile message to introduce yourself and then engaging in as many conversations as you like. There’s never any obligation relating to commitment and you can stop talking to a particular user by pressing a single button. You can even block particular users if need be. Your information is always kept secure and you can even use an alias.

How about standard chat numbers?

These numbers are decreasing in usage, what with the potential of VoIP services like Skype, Ring Central and so on. Although dwindling in popularity, there are still those that like to use them to engage in a little more traditional interaction. They are ideal for those that struggle to socialise, or for people that simply want to talk to new individuals throughout New Zealand and Australia.

There are a variety of restrictions and security measures in place and all users will be required to provide information relating to themselves during signup. This makes this service far more open than the sex chat equivalent and considering a lot of adults use the features to pursue relationships and get to know potential partners, it makes a lot more sense to use the above alternative.

Of the two services, the former is far more secure, entirely anonymous and offers a much greater range of features and functions. If you’re hoping to pursue a relationship, engage in sexy chats, or simply want to listen in as other people talk about their deepest desires – there’s no better way to do so than with a sex phone line.

Why I Need To Learn How To Fight Wrinkles – Celebrity Confession

The Top Anti Aging Creams – Best Wrinkle Eye Cream
the best anti wrinkle creams reviews by Jennifer MayellBy Jennifer Mayell

I am going to share with you my fav selections for the best brands of wrinkle creams as an alternative to botox injections that you can get in Australia in 2014 and my reviews of them, and then some pretty cool (and relevant) bullet points on what to look out for. Then I’ll link to my individual wrinkle eye creams review pages or my best skin care picks (hey, with coupon codes as well so you can get discounts!)

I’m just a girl who loves to look fresh and keep looking as young as I can, and wanted to provide this anti aging review site on my experience with these wrinkle creams – so you don’t have to waste as much time and MONEY as I did working out what REALLY keeps you looking younger.

The Standout : LifeCell

The top pick from the rest. Why, because of the quality of the effect in reducing the visibilty of the wrinkles around my eyes REALLY fast.micro technology for wrinkle shadows

This is because it has this magical stuff called“light reflecting micro technology” which translated means that the shadows caused by wrinkles (which is what you actually SEE) become invisible.

This gives you the impression that they have just GONE, wow…. that’s plus all the other good stuff.

They say that it is better than cosmetic injections and better than a facelift.

Well, it sure is less painful that’s for sure – and the effects are really amazing too.

Plus my skin felt great after I had used it.

So, I first tried out Lifecell with the 30 Day Trial offer in this link: http://www.lifecellskin.com/SpecialOffer/

Here is my full review of what happened next:

I’d heard about this new revolutionary product from lifeCell from a friend who’d tried it; an anti-ageing formula that apparently works in just 61 seconds. Yes, you read right, I said 61 seconds. When visiting the site I found they offer a 30 day trial, with nothing to pay except the S&H – (which means Shipping and Handling).

One of the things that gave me confidence in requesting the trial offer is that Lifecell take privacy very seriously, as they say on their site “protecting your personal information is extremely important. LifeCell uses the best and most respected independent companies to monitor and certify that it is safe and secure for you to provide your personal information.”

And actually the only personal information that you give is name, email and shipping address, plus the site is qualified by HackerSafe, TRUSTe and McAfeeSecure. So you are not going to get scamed.

So I was ready to give this a go, without any worries. If it didn’t work, I figured that I could put it down to a minor loss, but what would happen if it did work? Well the results could be so amazing that I’d never have to look back. So I did a little research into the product and strangely enough, everything sounded positive. The brand has many celebrity customers, such as Melora Hardin, Christina Milian, Jessica Chastain and even Paula Abdul. I’ve always wondered how Paula stays so fresh faced, even at her age. So with that in mind, I ordered the trial and waited patiently for my delivery.

I didn’t have to wait long; just a few days standard delivery time. When my order turned up it looked as professional as I’d imagined it to, but regardless of the packaging I ripped it open to give the cream a try. I had to be at a work event that evening, what a good place to see how people reacted to my possible new look. I washed my face before I applied it and as LifeSkin works as a moisturiser too, I knew that it would prepare my face for makeup later, even if it didn’t work to remove my wrinkles.

The next thing that I did was apply the cream, making sure to massage it gently into the most affected areas of my skin. I can safely say that within a minute my eyes widened with a delighted surprise. It was almost as if my wrinkles had completely disappeared and I’m not even exaggerating. Even the deepest, darkest wrinkles looked smooth and clear, and even up close it was hard to see imperfection. I was amazed and went back online to find out more about why it worked so well – as I knew I would have to write up a report for the website.

Then the science behind the formula made me realise how it’s done. Not only are there anti-ageing ingredients that take action instantly, but there is also a light reflecting micro-technology in the cream that enters your lines and wrinkles and reflects the light from inside of them, so the affects of shadowing is completely reversed. When someone has wrinkles, what highlights them is actually the tiny shadows they create on the face. So eliminating the shadows eliminates the appearance of wrinkles. Clever.

The combination of the ingredients and technology literally fills wrinkles, working to plump them out, whilst making sure that no shadows are cast (because it’s actually the shadows inside of wrinkles that makes them so noticeable in the first place anyway!)

After a successful trial of this cream, I can safely say that I now order a new tube of LifeCell whenever my current ones run out. I’d massively recommend it to everyone as it is one of those little gems that actually works for my skin! I’d like to keep my flawless complexion a secret but hey, I’m only human.

You can get it here at http://www.lifecellskin.com/SpecialOffer/


I Hate My Life – Could Online Dating help?

Is There Really Someone Out There for All of Us?

The term soul mate can mean different things to different people. For some, it refers to a natural bond that two people can share outside of love, sex and marriage. For others, it relates directly to a potential love match; a partner to share great times and memories with for a lifetime. Over the past few years, the concept of a soul mate has seen a drastic shift in its meaning – and these days thousands of people search far and wide in the hopes of finding a person that they can love, cherish and enjoy the same in return.

Are we all destined to meet that special someone?

Hundreds of years ago, before scientific research and neurological studies were in their current states – people believed that love at first sight was an actual event. These days however, it’s become clear that this concept of love is simply a body-wide feeling of compatibility. Pheromones, sex appeal and attributes all play a major role in this feeling, with certain people feeling it stronger than others, and particular individuals struggling to feel it at all.

So, when it comes to finding true love, is it a case of ‘sit back and your special someone will find you’, or more a case of ‘your genetic code will recognise a potential love-match automatically’? Science would suggest that the latter case is more logical – after all love is an emotion, whereas an impulsive attraction is chemical.

How can you be sure that you’re with the right person?

Whether you’re in a relationship, or contemplating one – there’s no stronger force in the world than your instinct. It’s this instinct that has kept our species alive for thousands of years, with compatibility of genetics being at the forefront of our reproductive thought processes. So, does that mean that love doesn’t exist?

Well, yes and no. Yes, love does exist because it is an emotion experienced when your bodies’ genetics sense a compatible partner nearby. Your pheromones will do most of the hard work – and if your potential partner has a genetic code that is susceptible to your pheromones, then the powerful feeling of love can soon follow.

No, because even this feeling is based of chemical production. When we are physically attracted to another person, our body releases a particular type of endorphin – and it’s this chemical that is responsible for the passion and lust that occurs shortly after. The greater the compatibility, the more effective the endorphins will be – in many cases lasting a life time.

This is what creates the feeling of true love, so it’s not so much a false emotion – if anything it’s your internal chemicals recognising that you are so compatible with your partner, that simple attraction isn’t quite enough. With that in mind, there isn’t any particular person out there destined to be with someone else – in reality there are potentially millions of compatible partners, the only part that fate plays is the way in which these people meet.

If you’re keen to maximise your chances of attracting a potential love match, then visit www.IHateMyLife.co.uk today and check out their popular guide ‘Overcome Your Loneliness and Make Love Happen’.

Beautiful washed linen quilt covers from LinenShed

linenshed pure linen quilt & duvet covers



Washed Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue – linenshed.au – 3Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue – linenshed.au – 1Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue – linenshed.au – 2Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue – linenshed.au – 3Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue – linenshed.au – 1
Washed Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue

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$115.00 AUD
For refreshing and rejuvenating sleep, choose our Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue. Spend years of nights luxuriating beneath pure flax linen that breathes, allowing airflow that keeps skin naturally cool, while relaxing the body completely. The water inspired color perfectly compliments the uniquely rumpled texture of the finest European linen.

Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue – linenshed.au – 1 Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue – linenshed.au – 2 Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue – linenshed.au – 3
For refreshing and rejuvenating sleep, choose our Linen Duvet Cover Icy Blue. Spend years of nights luxuriating beneath pure flax linen that breathes, allowing airflow that keeps skin naturally cool, while relaxing the body completely. The water inspired color perfectly compliments the uniquely rumpled texture of the finest European linen.
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Find caravans, motorhomes & camper trailers in

Join the caravan revolution with MyCaravan, the first true peer-to-peer caravan rental service that makes motorhome, camper trailer and caravan sharing simple, safe and cost effective. We allow people to access some of the thousands of caravans that are sitting idle around Australia. We don’t own caravans; we pass the savings on to you.
MyCaravan lets you rent caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes from other people so you can enjoy the benefits of private caravan hire. It’s easy to find and book the perfect caravan for your holiday in ideal locations around Australia.

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Long Term Car Rental – don’t buy your wheels when you can rent

long term car rental

Drive My Car is a European run automobile rental company. The main goal of the business is to offer a good quality vehicle rental service to Sydney. Its hotels and also rental villas. A large range of cars are available. Watering hole cars 4 x Fours and SUV’s to suit your rental demands whether you are solitary, a couple or a little family on holiday in Sydney. We supply each client with a totally free shipment service to their resort or rental property within a 15 kilometres radius of our main office.

DriveMyCar Website

Specialists in discount long term car rental. Best prices, widest range – Hyundai, Audi, Jeep, BMW & more. Over 300 pick-up locations. Book online and save.

Our fleet of automobiles is restored every 3 years. This gives you as well as your passenger the best comfortably safety and security and reliability. All our cars are fully guaranteed by Viriyah insurance coverage. Australia’s largest insurance policy business.

Sydney is currently Australia’s a lot of family orientated hotel location. Lots to do for all the family whatever the ages are. With family members in mind, Drive My Automobile also offers European Requirement Child seats upon request.

Autos are picked by us for the capability so going to the main attractions in Sydney can be done by all the family while sitting in a secure air-conditioned automobile.

Detailed maps of Sydney are provided cost free to consumers at the time of car distribution. Whether you are trying to find restaurants elephant travelling or a secluded beach, our personnel will certainly enjoy to describe the best paths to use. Sydney has a few of the clean roads in Thailand so discovering your method round is a safe as well as straightforward task.

Automobile Distribution Drive My Car will happily supply your chosen rental car to your resort or rental property within Sydney District for free. (Terms might use).

Celebrity hair stylist in Sydney reveals all about why hair extensions don’t always make you look younger

celelebrity hair extensions

Things to Look for in Your Hairdressing Salon

Finding a reliable hairdressing salon is something that many men and women prioritise – especially if they’re keen to look their best all year round. Whether you’re looking to switch from your current salon to a more reliable one, or if you’re keen to find a dependable hair-care specialist in your area – here are a few things to consider when looking for your new salon.


If there’s one thing that you’ll want your hairdresser to possess above all else; it’s experience. Most practitioners will have had some sort of formal training within a salon – and the more the better. A good hair specialist will have been in the industry for years, and will have treated a variety of different hair types in that time. The more experienced the hairdresser – the more expensive they may be, so consider a blend of experience and cost to get the best of both worlds.


With so many hair care specialists to choose from, the final decision often falls down to the cost. As mentioned above – the most experienced experts may charge higher prices than intermediates, with the lowest prices being offered by those freshest to the industry. No one will want to entrust their hair to anything less than the most capable hands – but this will typically come with its own price tag. Before deciding, why not get to know a little more about your hairdresser’s rates first? Some charge by the cut, others by the hour – so keep that in mind, too.


It’s not uncommon for hair care experts to work from home – and this is something that thousands in the Australia hair industry get to enjoy. If you prefer to visit a salon however, then you’ll be spoilt for choice, too. When considering the location, be sure to think about the ease of access and how straight forward it will be for you to travel to the salon or home-salon. You might not want to spend all day getting your hair done, and so the easier the access – the quicker you’ll be able to show off your new hairstyle.


The old days of scissors and a comb may not be entirely behind us, but that doesn’t mean that modern salons should be restricted as far as their facilities go. Your salon will most likely possess a variety of features for treating all different types of hair – and as long as your hair can be treated with the relevant instruments and resources, you’ll be able to enjoy a professionally managed style.

When looking for a reliable hairdresser, it’s always a good idea to get to know a little more about the person’s skills, level of experience and costs ahead of time. When considering these elements you’ll soon find your decision is much easier to make – and what better way to learn about their reputation than by asking their customers what they think? You’ll receive first-hand information, and your decision will be even easier to make.

10 Latest Designer Tips For The “Made In Japan” Look and Feel Lifestyle

Introducing a Japanese Style to your Living Room | Made In Japan
When it comes to changing the overall look and feel of a room, choosing a particular theme and working into every element is the only way to get a cohesive point across. So, what if you have a Japanese theme in mind, but are unsure how to bring it to fruition? Well, introducing a Japanese style to your living room can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 – all you need is a little time and the right direction!

Creating the Japanese Feel
The very first thing to do when introducing Japanese style is: simplify. Begin by stripping your living room completely bare, including current lighting solutions and curtains. Now you will have a base to build upon, and the Japanese base begins with open windows and simple furniture.
As far as open space within your living room goes, natural light is key to creating a Japanese feel. This means that you should forget thick drapes and lacy curtains, and instead consider simple bamboo roller blinds and sheer curtain panels. Minimize obstruction and keep those windows as close to nature as possible!
Japanese furniture is characteristically low to the ground and floor cushions feature heavily in Japanese homes, so choosing to incorporate these will really set the right tone. Bear in mind to buy natural wooden furniture where possible, such as hemlock, maple, cypress, bamboo and red pine (western versions are suitable), and keep colour schemes as natural and neutral as a traditional Japanese environment.

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Celebrity Party Trends You Haven’t Heard About – Tag Them And Shoot Them With Paintball

laser tag & paintball bucks party ideas

Why Play Paintball?

Choosing the right group activity can prove to be difficult, especially if you are trying to cater for a range of preferences. Extra large groups may find outdoor trips too hard to navigate, whereas smaller groups may find it difficult to find an activity that doesn’t require less than five people to participate- and this means that getting the right balance for your crowd can be a nightmare. Well, that’s where paintball comes in! It is an activity that suits all ages, group sizes and even mixed groups, and with any number of players (from 2-100!) able to join in on any one session, it really is designed for any kind of party to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a fun activity to enjoy with your groomsman, your youth group, or even your wedding party, there are many reasons why you should play paintball.

Why we Love Paintball

Paintball is a fun and social game that doubles up as an adrenaline-filled sport. Because paintball arenas offer both indoor and outdoor scenario-built fields, many players enjoy the element of detachment from everyday life that comes with navigating a custom-built combat zone.  Paintball encourages healthy competition as well as team spirit, and as a result the entertainment often carries on long after the actual event!

Paintball is undoubtedly an active sport, so while there may be periods of time spent sitting, hiding and waiting to pounce; most games are spent sprinting, jumping and navigating unfamiliar terrain. Although adrenaline and adventure are typically the name of the game when it comes to playing paintball, groups have the ability to strategize before the game- as well as during it. More often than not winning a game of paintball is achieved by strategizing just as much as by working as a team, and this is a major element that helps paintball to cater to a wide range of groups.

Regularly Playing Paintball

Younger groups tend to play paintball for fun and even team-building purposes, where many adult groups find themselves playing paintball for the love of the competition. This means that while many people use paintball as a one-off day out or a group treat a few times a year, there are groups and individual players who play paintball regularly! As there is a wide range of paintballing equipment on the market to enrich the overall competitive experience, it is entirely a sport that can be played on a regular basis. Players can upgrade and customize paintball gear (from the mask, hopper, tank and gun all the way to the paintballs!) to tailor paintball games to each individuals specific needs, the possibilities are endless!

What really keeps paintball players entertained again and again is not the variety of the settings or equipment; it’s the absolute unknown of the game play itself. Each event will be different from the last, from the strategies that are put into place to the overall outcome, so you will get something different from the experience every time.

Although there may be a winning team, there are certainly no losers when you play paintball!