I Hate My Life – Could Online Dating help?

Is There Really Someone Out There for All of Us?

The term soul mate can mean different things to different people. For some, it refers to a natural bond that two people can share outside of love, sex and marriage. For others, it relates directly to a potential love match; a partner to share great times and memories with for a lifetime. Over the past few years, the concept of a soul mate has seen a drastic shift in its meaning – and these days thousands of people search far and wide in the hopes of finding a person that they can love, cherish and enjoy the same in return.

Are we all destined to meet that special someone?

Hundreds of years ago, before scientific research and neurological studies were in their current states – people believed that love at first sight was an actual event. These days however, it’s become clear that this concept of love is simply a body-wide feeling of compatibility. Pheromones, sex appeal and attributes all play a major role in this feeling, with certain people feeling it stronger than others, and particular individuals struggling to feel it at all.

So, when it comes to finding true love, is it a case of ‘sit back and your special someone will find you’, or more a case of ‘your genetic code will recognise a potential love-match automatically’? Science would suggest that the latter case is more logical – after all love is an emotion, whereas an impulsive attraction is chemical.

How can you be sure that you’re with the right person?

Whether you’re in a relationship, or contemplating one – there’s no stronger force in the world than your instinct. It’s this instinct that has kept our species alive for thousands of years, with compatibility of genetics being at the forefront of our reproductive thought processes. So, does that mean that love doesn’t exist?

Well, yes and no. Yes, love does exist because it is an emotion experienced when your bodies’ genetics sense a compatible partner nearby. Your pheromones will do most of the hard work – and if your potential partner has a genetic code that is susceptible to your pheromones, then the powerful feeling of love can soon follow.

No, because even this feeling is based of chemical production. When we are physically attracted to another person, our body releases a particular type of endorphin – and it’s this chemical that is responsible for the passion and lust that occurs shortly after. The greater the compatibility, the more effective the endorphins will be – in many cases lasting a life time.

This is what creates the feeling of true love, so it’s not so much a false emotion – if anything it’s your internal chemicals recognising that you are so compatible with your partner, that simple attraction isn’t quite enough. With that in mind, there isn’t any particular person out there destined to be with someone else – in reality there are potentially millions of compatible partners, the only part that fate plays is the way in which these people meet.

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