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Buying Wholesale Stun Guns

Many law enforcement agencies rely on buying wholesale stun guns to ensure that all officers are sufficiently equipped, without needing to expend vast sums of cash for a defensive weapon. For 30 years we have been offering these effective self-defense weapons to officials and members of the public, with the vast majority of our products being available to order in bulk.

With more than 50 unique models to choose from, our reliable yet inexpensive tazers have offered peace of mind to those needing defense for both personal and professional purposes. We offer drop shipping solutions for suppliers to take advantage of, as well as zero fees to those that are authorized to deal in arms and self-protective gear.

Some of our popular stun guns include:

Our 20 million volt runt stun gun

These defensive weapons pack a huge punch, being able to sustain 20 million volts of electricity for as long as needed. They are strong enough to incapacitate a horse, so a burglar or rapist would stand little to zero chance of walking away from the encounter unscathed. These models come complete in a range of colours and they are more than powerful enough to be used for both personal and professional security requirements.

Multi-Function stunners

For those that require a professional look and feel to their tazer, our multi-function stunners may well be the model that you are looking for. They are very versatile, being usable in a confrontation situation, or being ideal to put an end to an aggressor’s attacks. They carry just under 10 million volts and come complete with a carry case, which can both conceal the defensive weapon and provide easy access should it be needed.

Lipstick tazers

Offering some of the most effective concealing technologies, our lipstick tazers might look attractive, but they are nothing short of devastating. They include a built-in flashlight for additional functionality, they can be fully charged in the space of a few hours and once ready for action – they can provide over 3 million volts whenever needed (more than enough to put a potential attacker out for the evening).

Baton stunners

Often being considered the ultimate defensive weapon, baton stun guns feature a heavy construction to make them ideal for use as a club if needed. They also feature crenelated edges that can provide a cutting and stabbing function, as well as possessing a high powered core capable of transmitting 9 million volts from the device, into an attacker’s body. Many also feature flashlights that can be used in the exact same way as a regular torch; making them as versatile when out in the field as they are when dealing with a personal attack.