Koh Phangan Bungalows on Yai Beach Thong Nai Pan

Where to Visit: Koh Phangan’s Top Attractions


Nestled in the east of southern Thailand, it’s no wonder that Koh Phangan is fast becoming one of the premier tourist destinations to visit in all of Thailand. But where do you go to get the best out of your holiday? Well, the province isn’t short of amazing things to do (or places to see!) that will suit every holiday style and individual taste, so let’s take a look at Koh Phangan’s top attractions.


Koh Phangan’s Top Attractions


To kick off your holiday, Koh Phangan town will become the springboard for all of your excursions as it is the main port. You may find it both quaint and provincial, but you’ll soon branch out and explore the wider province to fulfill your adventurous needs. It’s no secret that the various islands of the province simply seem to burst forth from the clear blue sea, so the many secluded beaches will certainly be on your timetable- but what else can you see and do while you’re away?


Khao Khanap Nam Mountains


The two mountains of Khao Khanap Nam are considered to be the symbol of Koh Phangan and sit on both banks of Maenam Koh Phangan River. Each range is roughly 100 meters tall and feature many natural attractions for you to explore. You can simply tour the mountains as they are, or extend your trip by trekking into Khao Khanap Nam and the nearby mangrove forests, or by boating over to Klang island.


Than Bok Khorani National Park


Much of the Koh Phangan province has been classified as a national park to preserve the natural aesthetic and wildlife of the area, and Than Bok Khorani National Park is one of the largest in size throughout the sub districts. This means that it is filled with natural trekking routes, secluded waterfalls, famous caves and more. Playing host to a pristine mangrove forest and the stunning Hong archipelago, this is the ideal attraction for those who want to participate in some much needed eco-tourism.


Emerald Pool 


The Emerald Pool originated from the lowland forest of Khao Nor Juji- which is thought of as Thailand’s last piece of untouched, dense forest. It is a unique natural preserve; a hot spring that features spectrums of turquoise and emerald that wow onlookers from all walks of life. The water itself comes from thermal springs and an amount has been diverted from the source to man-made bathing pools so that everyone can enjoy the wonderful experience of relaxing in the natural atmosphere.


Tham Seau Temple


Visiting Koh Phangan isn’t all about the stunning views, amazing nature reserves and idyllic lifestyles, it’s also about the history and culture of the province. Located 10 km outside of Koh Phangan town, the Tham Seau Temple- also known as the Tiger Cave Temple- is tucked away in a tropical forest.  It’s one of the quieter temples, as you are required to traverse 1300 steep steps, but it’s all part of the spiritual journey! There is a cable car option for the faint hearted, too.


As you can see there is so much to do in and around Koh Phangan that you’ll be spoilt for choice, so don’t hesitate to book your holiday!