What’s In Store For Wayne Banks

wayne banks

What about Wayne Banks?

Born in Nottingham in February 1970, bass guitarist Wayne Banks has been a regular face on the touring circuit for over two decades. Playing bass from the age of 14, Wayne was keen to get into the music industry early, joining a small school band before he owned a bass to play with. With musical influences beginning with local music legend and bass playing uncle Johnny Mayhem, Wayne was introduced to the legendary strummings of John Entwistle, Jack Bruce and Jaco Pastorius, and his talents were later cultivated further by influences from bassists such as Steve Harris, Flea, Rocco Prestia and Billy Sheehan. Aside from his vast worldwide touring, recording, TV and radio appearance experiences and more, the self-taught bassist studied in London at The London College of Music with session heroes’ Joe Hubbard and Rob Burns, and graduated with a Bachelor of music degree in 2001.

The Musical Career of Wayne Banks

After landing his first professional gig at the age of 20, Wayne played bass for iconic British thrash metal band Sabbat, who featured the now-acclaimed metal producer, Andy Sneap. Together the two members went on to form unsuccessful metal band Godsend in 1993, before parting ways late in 1994. From here Wayne returned to the session scene; touring with many bands, artists and big names across the many genres of music.

At the height of Wayne’s career, he played session bass guitar for legendary Bee Gee’s member Robin Gibb as part of his solo band. Working together from 2003 right up until Robin tragically died in 2012, he featured on Robin’s 2004 CD/DVD release ‘Robin Gibb Live with the Neue Philarmonie Frankfurt Orchestra’, 2005 double CD release ‘Robin Gibb Magnet tour edition’ and the 2011 release ‘Robin Gibb Live with The Danish National Orchestra’.

Recording and touring with other legendary names, such as producer Micky Most at RAK studios, original AC/DC front-man Dave Evans and ex-Iron Maiden front-man Blaze Bayley, Wayne has also enjoyed touring success with bands Brazen Abbot, Saxon, Persian Risk, Messiah’s Kiss and Holy Mother.

To further add to his wealth of talents, Wayne is also one part of musical trio ‘HOOF’ (along with his brother Jason), an alternative/rock band who are famous for an improvisational style. Among the musical genres that comprise HOOF’s influences, humour and political statements are rife within the overall message. During their ten year reign to date, HOOF have provided soundtrack and film scores, as well as incidental and theme music for big name brands such as Ripcurl, Billabong, Red Bull and more.

What’s in Store for Wayne Banks?

As far as the future goes, Wayne is currently still working as a session bassist, writing and recording TV incidental and theme music for a wide array of genres and working with HOOF. He has also been working on (and has released) a new album on Massacre records with band Messiah’s Kiss, who also feature his brother Jason, on guitar.